Girls' Frontline FREEing Type 97: Gretel the Witch


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"Aww crap! I'm gonna get a mouth full from big sis again for this..."

From "Girls' Frontline" comes a 1/4 scale figure of Type 97! Type 97's heavy damage appearance from her Gretel the Witch costume package featured in the game's Eclipse Saga collection has been captured in figure form. The devilish costume emphasizes Type 97's distinct charm! Type 97's somewhat panicked look in her damaged outfit has been faithfully recreated. Of course, her Type 97 assault rifle has also been created in 1/4 scale as well. Be sure to add Type 95's little sister, Type 97, to your collection!

Painted plastic 1/4 scale complete product. Approximately 190mm in height.
Item Code : F51222
Number of pcs/ctn : 4pcs
Girls' Frontline
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Release Date: 2024-07
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