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The mysterious little robotic character “Dango” from the sci-fi illustrated novel "Kokone Link" has officially joined threezero's MDLX product line!

Dango is the birthday gift given to Orihashi Kokone by Orihashi Yota. The origin and identity of Dango remain uncertain. Despite being only 9 centimeters tall, it possesses formidable abilities and engages in battles with monsters to protect Kokone.

High articulation joints & incomparable tactile sensation

MDLX Dango features approximately 49 highly articulated joints, utilizing innovative die-cast zinc alloy combined with engineering plastic frame structure. This enables the action figure to maintain both high poseability and solid durability, while greatly enhancing the stiffness of joints and overall experience for the players.

Switching mode feature & linked eyelids

It can switch between normal mode and battle mode, recreating the settings from the story. It has stretching or interlinked mechanism in the head, neck, and thighs. After switching, not only does the height and appearance change, but the eyelids also automatically raise or lower to express different expressions. The arm armor can be opened, and the "arm cannon" extends out with a interlinked mechanism.

Innovative independently rotating illuminated eyeballs

With its innovative eyes design, in addition to the blue LED lighting function, they can be turned to different direction independently, creating various cute and lively expressions, perfectly matching different modes and scenarios. Apart from the eyes, the transparent portion on the forehead is also equipped with lighting function.

Top-tier painting craftsmanship & over 100 components

With threezero's exclusive top-tier painting craftsmanship and over 100 exquisitely sculpted components, the 9-cm-tall articulated collector-grade figure once again sets a new benchmark for model toys.

A wide range of accessories brings players’ unprecedented experience

The accessories include a pair of transparent blue beam swords and a pair of transparent yellow beam cannon effect parts. These can be installed in the cannon ports hidden under the forearm armor, allowing for both long-range and close-range attack poses. Additionally, it includes three pairs of interchangeable hands (fists, open hands, gripping hands), as well as a right hand in a V-sign and a right hand with thumb-up gesture, showcasing Dango's lively personality.

With the small hole at the back of MDLX Dango's head, Consumer can simply screw and assemble the keychain accessory and turn Dango to a Keychain, replicating the scene of the story where it hangs on Kokone backpack.

· Approximately 9 cm (~ 3.54 inches) tall
· Approximately 49 points of articulation
· Articulated eye design
· LED light up features
· Unique Design with Engineering grade plastics, Zinc Die-cast combination frame for enhanced structure and durability. Enhanced articulated joints for better play value

· Three (3) pairs of interchangeable hands: One (1) pair of fist hands, one (1) pair of open hands, one pair (1) of gripping hands
· Two (2) special interchangeable hands: One (1) right hand in a V gesture, one (1) right hand with a raised thumb
· Two (2) pairs of effect parts: One (1) pair of beam swords, one (1) pair of beam cannon effects

· Eyes
· Forehead
*LED FEATURES require AG1 batteries x 2 (Batteries Not Included)

Product Code: 3Z0696
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Release Date: 2024-12
Pre-Order Deadline: 2024-01-26