The importance of pre-ordering:

  • All collectibles are produced at limited quantities and may become hard-to-find once released. By pre-ordering, we can secure an item at a pre-market price.

Estimated Release dates:

  • are listed at the end of product description;
  • are subject to change by the manufacturers without notice;
  • may be delayed due to distribution and logistic issues. 

Early-bird deadlines:

  • are listed at the end of product description;
  • while we accept pre-orders past deadlines, early-bird price and availability may not be guaranteed;
  • please contact us as directly, we will try our best to arrange. 

Product images:

  • presented by the manufacturer(s) are for illustrative purposes only, the actual product may vary according to the final production of the manufacturer(s).

Shipping costs:

  • the listed retail price in CAD has already counted estimated international shipping costs and import-related fees in;
  • only if items unexpectedly large in size (dimensional weight) may extra shipping cost be billed [which rarely happens];
  • otherwise, customers are only responsible for the shipping fees from our location to yours.
  • Since pre-order items are unreleased items, the actual packaging size/dimensional weight of the product remains unknown until we receive the item. Shipping fees will be calculated and invoiced according to the measurement of the final shipment.

Unfulfilled pre-orders:

  • Wtreat every pre-order as a promise to deliver.
  • In rare cases that pre-orders are cancelled by the supplier(s), we will immediately work on hunting a ready stock for you with our back up supply sources within a reasonable time window.
  • If the item is still unavailable in the end, we can only regretfully cancel a pre-order with full refund. 

General terms and conditions on all sales:


*The final right of interpretation and alteration of the above belongs to SINO HOBBY.*

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